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I'm glad your mum and you have such an open relationship where you can share such things
Poach Me
Grats on 110
Well done on progress lads


fen a posted Feb 4, 17

Old news is old. 

7/7 Mythic Emerald Lolmare

fen a posted Oct 28, 16

After many years of waiting for Emerald Nightmare, we got it... and well... it was easy.

P.S. Click Picture for fullsize. 

Vidya from our Sexygooch:

Money Shot

fen a posted Oct 28, 15

Progression for this expansion is over, next up is Legion!

Go fuck yourself Melee.

Recruiting whores for 6.2

Taldy daymn fen got such a sexy voice would touch my self anyday.
fen a What's wrong with that???
Monkeygooch Seriously need a new photographer
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