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so yeh if u lot coming just try to be on @ 19:50 cuz if we start at 20:00 good chance of a 1 night clear dunno how many spots will be open will ask when raid leader logs
what ilvl is that lock ? :p and no prob mew just update as soon as u can plx , combo this time if i manage to get u a spot i hope ul actually show :p if u late or cant make it just update as soon as u can plx
Need a warlock tyby?
Brother just rang me and asked for some help moving tomorrow. Imma try to make it 2morrow. Will update.
I'll come help dps if needed
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There we go! 13/16HC! Empress next!

By Roy - Posted Jan 16, 13
Could have been downed way earlier, but killed it in 3 tries today! Empress is next. For that and beyond we need: 

- 1 Mage
- 1/2 Mistweaver Monks
- 1 Holy Paladin

Rank 266 World - Rank 141 EU

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