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[link] Patch 6.0.2 is going live the 15th!
Make sure you give her the "combo" huehue hue
Think mr combo might of found a hot chick who plays WoW, if she does I'm gonna marry her :sick: x
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So long Tsulongdick

fen a posted Feb 6, 13
Peace out. 2 to go.

Could have been downed way earlier, but killed it in 3 tries today! Empress is next. For that and beyond we need: 

- 1 Mage
- 1/2 Mistweaver Monks
- 1 Holy Paladin

Rank 266 World - Rank 141 EU

Imperium is back on track after christmas break! Protector's of the Endless just got killed on 25 Heroic! Happy New Years! 

Rank 137 World - Rank 80 EU

1 day after our Imperial Zor'lok kill the next boss bites the dust. Good job! 

Rank 138 World - Rank 88 EU

First boss Heart of Fear down on Heroic. 

Rank 146 World - Rank 102 EU

Perfect song for people still progressing on it: 

Lick love the screenshot XD
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