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heroic phylactery from mine \o/ mega hype. so worth
also seems to be bugged -- mine auto completed hue
so ppl know -- completing 4 mythic dungeons this weekend gives a hc hfc cache -- extra lootz for gorefiend
Same for the Method one... that ending is fucking gash
Kill video in a few days!

11/13 HC - What?

fen a posted Jun 10, 13
Lei Shen w00t
Critten huehuhuee, how did lei shen trys go?
thrangz wow so lazy cunt! are u english?
Tyby wow ur lazy when it comes to making a proper front page news announcement
Long time no update.

We've now cleared ToT on normal mode 25m and now gearing up to lay down the law on HC content. 

Larex Unbelievable! I wish I could still play in New Zealand ...

So long Tsulongdick

fen a posted Feb 6, 13
Peace out. 2 to go.

Could have been downed way earlier, but killed it in 3 tries today! Empress is next. For that and beyond we need: 

- 1 Mage
- 1/2 Mistweaver Monks
- 1 Holy Paladin

Rank 266 World - Rank 141 EU

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