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2 years + 1 day. Setting phone reminder.
All the best in BFA guys - miss being able to play
So how many of you doing the whole stay up from launch to power level?
Have fun in Denmark boys & girls
It's me Gish, iya
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Too Ghuun

fen a posted Jan 22, 19

We've Gone Whorde

fen a posted May 22, 18
That's right, we've done it. After many years of deliberation and discussion, we have finally bitten the bullet and moved over to Horde. 

This isn't something we've taken lightly and has been under discussion for a long time. There are quite a few factors which have pushed us in this direction. The major one has been the decline in Alliance PvE guilds which has been happening for some time. Players who come here shouldn't have to pay the extra (overpriced) game services.

Our friends are Horde.

The players we want are Horde.

The best PvE players are Horde.

It's been a fun 11 years on Alliance but those days are over, now we can be qt moo moo cows and milk each other whilst waiting to pull bosses.

It's all over and what a fun trip it's been. Now to farm the ~23 more mounts.


fen a posted Apr 24, 17

Is he or isn't he dead? Who knows. 

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