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== Personal info ==

Name : Niklas Fernström
Age : 26
Location : Sweden
Nudes : Got a hot girlfriend..?

== Character Info ==

Class/Role/Spec : Orc warrior ( main arms ) can play fury next expac if needed and better
Your armory link :

== Questions ==

Previous guilds?: < Icecream > : Mained enchancement shaman back then untill WOD , got asked to play warlock then so I swapped. We disbanded after Blackrock Foundry because of lack of interest.

< Refrigeraiders > : I didnt play untill tomb of sargeras released, went warrior when I got back to play the game, geared my arms warrior reasonably quick as I farmed my ass off to get back up to date and ended up killing 7/9M and then left because they were struggeling getting raids going and had lack of people and ended up doing nothing.

< Praetor > Social guild


What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of): I always prepare 100%. I make sure my character is maxed out ( to the highest humanly possible maxed out ) I want to know as much as possible as the raid before setting foot in there and do my homework and interrupting is just part of being melee and I believe that i'm not dying that much at all.. Also am I able to adapt in shitty situations when shit goes south and we need to do stuff differently on the move.

Where are your areas where you can improve?: Nobody is perfect and you can always improve on whatever your doing

Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?: I can take criticism but I preffer it in a mature way

Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?: Nalani sold it pretty good and we have been playing together in previous guilds ( Icecream being one of them ) and the guild is very stable which im looking for, one that doesnt fall appart after one tier or has alot of rostor problems.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:

Link logs here plx:

Recently came back, trying to get up to date already have a hc and normal clear in the bag , please do look at other tiers aswell

Other information that you want to share? :

I've been playing since Vanilla beta, I always cleared the end game raids up to Draenor, every raid cleared on the hardest difficulty and on a very decent level, Icecream being my guild where I was in forever being in the top 100 2 day raiding guilds, been playing alot of classes both melee and ranged and have no problems playing whatever, and have alot of knowledge of the game. people can call me at night like 4 am telling to do this shit and I would come and go ( like rare world bosses back in the days ) I like to farm M+ because its all about that Titanforged and maximizing my charachter. was already a big fan of CM back in MOP and had some realm best timers. also being a super fast lvler ( realms first lvl 90 and realms first lvl 80 human mage ) which is a good + on new expantions and durning new expantion I like to have everything done and have an edge in general in what I do and when new content comes have everything done to straight jump into new stuff not needing to look back. There's always things that can be improved on a charachter, your never doing gearing so it keeps me busy, giving me a reason to play.
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Esm a
dont think you are what were looking for. declined im afraid.
Posted Jul 11, 18
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I understand what doesn't kill you makes you stronger :) Go hard Champs
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Gl fam
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