Outloler - rogue [Declined]

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== Personal info ==
Name : Anton
Age : 32
Location : Russia
Nudes : I don't have any of nudes, too conservative
== Character Info ==
Class/Role/Spec : Rogue/all specs
Your armory link : Basically this is my main before transfer:
Now I am on Stormscale:

== Questions ==
Previous guilds?:
I will be brief. I list my raiding guilds:
На кромке лезвия - Свежеватель душ. I leaved because we united with other guild named Эйфория on the same server and started play together, but schedule was not suitable for me.
Аструм - Гордунни. I leaved because 6 day raiding was exhausting for me. It was like a second job.
У беляша - Гордунни. My want cause me to transfer on the horde server. A lot of my friends play for the horde, that fact also was a reason.
Disposition - Stormscale. I'm lf new guild because I was invited in Team2 in Disposition, but about a week ago RL of Team2 was left and 2 officers was left from Team2, and I don't want play with unstable roster and new RL, I think this will be unsuccessful raiding.

What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of):
Preparation is the best way to kill the boss fast. For each fight I watch video guides, read and analyze abilities and think what I can do on that particular fight.
My rogue is very flexible in raid because it's rogue )) I can soak some shit on bosses without taking big dmg (like on Garothi, Argus, Agra), also rogues have superb burst abilities and we are able to do some bringing stuff (like fires on Hasabel). I can kick casts, kite mobs, sometimes tank the bosses with my dodge when tanks are dead. Also tricksing stuff has good value in BfA.
At my opinion - rogues at all are the best survival class in the raid.

Where are your areas where you can improve?:
My dps, my survivability, and all aspects, because there are no ideal players. I always checking the logs after fights and lerning alot .

Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:
No, I will not. I don't talking about relationships in during raids and after )) During raing time team must concentrate on encounter and mechanics, not on trash talking.

Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:
I have a decent logs, and exp as rogue, I want improve my rank on wowprogress and help your guild to do the same. I'm flexible player.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:

Link logs here plx:

Other information that you want to share? :
I have superb guide for BfA, which include all aspects of the game (The guide generally include alot information of preparation to the Uldir and the goal of this guide is prepare to the Uldir in best form to start raid) like profs, lvling, gearing, farming azerite and alot more.
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Esm a
hello. While logs and stuff like that looks good. We simply dont have much space for a rogue right now going into BfA. very sorry
Posted Aug 5, 18