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== Personal info ==
Name : Hamad
Age : 24
Location : Dubai
Nudes : I only have one picture of my donger when I was 11 years old just pm me if you're intrested
== Character Info ==
Class/Role/Spec : Holy Paladin
Your armory link : -
== Questions ==
Previous guilds?: wiping as intended (kilrogg - used to play with them before they disband), wretched.
What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of): I think I'm good with doing mechanics and still survive and know which mechanic would otherwise kill me and use a defensive for it, so I don't usually use my defensiveness for nothing. I don't panic I'm very calm as a player and a person so I'm good with adapting into situations.
Where are your areas where you can improve?: I think my downside is that I don't trust people enough to do some mechanics so I tend to do alot of stuff on my own which would affect my overall performance
Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?: I might get upset not gonna lie but it won't tilt me and will actually push me to perform better
Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?: many reasons, one of them is that I've been looking for a semi-hardcore guild to join in bfa and imperium is a guild in my server and I've been planning to apply once I graduate and have ALOT of freetime, now with imperium being horde its like the cherry on top of the cake and Its worth the chance to apply here before applying into other guilds.
Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:
Link logs here plx: I don't have logs to share since all the data in warcraftlogs are gone and I don't have anyone to talk to from my previous guilds. however, I was ranked 9 worldwide for all sin rouges on demonic inquisition mythic during our mythic progression with Wretched for a week, and I was ranked 13 with my Hpala on the coven of Shivara hc in a pug group in the first week of HC release for a week as well, those two fights are the fights I had the most success with during progression.
Other information that you want to share? : I'm a very competitive player and I have many achievements in other games that I played, I've been D1 in LoL, Diamond in RB6, and GE in CSGO
WoW was always my favorite game but it required so much grind and I didn't have the energy or the time for it so I've been joining casual guilds here and there just waiting to get my degree.
I'm decent with all classes and roles but I feel more comfortable playing as a holy paladin or a rouge and if what I'm playing is weak and doesn't fit or could hurt progression then I'm more than ready to reroll and pickup what fits the raid. anyways that's it, cheers.
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fen a
Hey - We're not recruiting healers for the bench. Going to be a quick decline, thanks for taking the time to apply. Best of luck in finding a new home before raids open.

You also may want to give your neck and rep some love.
Posted Sep 1, 18
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I'm trying to not overburn my self with wqs since there's still a long time for mythic and with ap knowledge it will be easy to catch up, anyyways thanks and best of luck for you guys too!
Posted Sep 2, 18 · OP
Considering you need lvl 23 to use all the damage / healing output azerite gear powers, I'd get a move on since mythic is right around the corner, and the people that have been farming since launch are lvl 20-21 on their neck
Posted Sep 2, 18