Kelldhar Arms / Fury Warrior - Application

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== Personal info ==

Name : Kristian O. Ekström
Age : 32 winters
Location : Sweden
Nudes : Any position, I got em!

== Character Info ==

Class/Role/Spec : Warrior, DPS, Arms.
Your armory link :
== Questions ==
Previous guilds?:

Classic World of Warcraft:

Raided MC/BWL/AQ20/AQ40 with <Curse> on Stormscale / Horde as Fury. they then fell apart and leaders + other good players formed new guilds (Rapid Eye Movement, Insert Coin) and I took a break as my motivation died with the guild split. Sadly I missed out on Naxx.

The Burning Crusade:

Did comeback just before release, played almost the entire expansion. Raided on Stormscale / Horde with <nam> as Fury. Did full clears to SWP release. Did Lady Vashj pre-nerf, Kael'thas Sunstrider pre-nerf, Illidan Stormrage pre-nerf. I then took a break as I had a lot going on in school that I had to put all my focus on which lead to the miss of SWP and the sacrifice of WoW and raiding.

Wrath of the Lich King:

Came back around Trial of the Crusader, this time I went Chromaggus / Alliance to join some friends and their guild. We did all bosses Heroic except Anub'arak who actually caused a guild split due to the lack of interest of wiping more and not seeing any progress leaders decided to join forces with another top guild on the server at that time and our guild <First Cohort> died.

I then migrated with some of my friends + other players to a dead realm (Lightning's Blade) and formed a guild called <Minority> where we did Ulduar full clear and even got a late server first on the Yogg 0 keepers. We then ventured into ICC where we cleared everything up to LK25HC. Sadly we never got him down and at the same time as this progress was at hand I got a new job in another country which was an exclusive offer so then again I had to sacrifice pixels for real life and so I did.


Came back very late, around DS release where I joined with a guild on Xavius / Horde called <No Progress> we progressed the entire tier and cleared it. Did a late clear in FL25HC aswell but not during the release.

Mists of Pandaria:

I played the beginning of MoP but was so bored of the tier that I decided to PvP instead to try reach some of my goals. I formed a RBG team with some real veterans I knew and in Season 13 we did 2485 Rating and got ourselves the Rank 14 aka "High Warlord" title. This was around the end of Throne of Thunder and the release of Siege of Orgrimmar. I thought SoO looked awesome and I wanted to PvE again. After being burned out on the PvP front I migrated to Shattered Hand / Horde and joined <Grimsoul> a world 100 guild at that time. We progressed and cleared the entire tier from release until end and announcement of Draenor.

Warlords of Draenor:

Did not play much here, only PvP. Was very focused at my real life and my new job so had no time to play only casual. Did 2500 in 3s as Turbocleave. Joined <Fatalis> 3 month's before Legion and cleared the current content, just to get it done nothing special (nor was it Cutting Edge).


This expansion was my baby, I played for about 8 hours a day the first year. Cleared all raids on Mythic with Cutting Edge progress. World ranks from 150-300 on the boss kills. Started in <Fatalis> on Alliance did up to 2/3 ToV Mythic with them when I decided to go Horde. Played with <Repose> to Gul'dan Mythic left them there cuz it was a complete disaster and very toxic players. Decided to join a 2 day raiding guild and got a offer from <Essence> one of the top 2 day raiding guilds at that time. Played with them until guild split which was around 6 bosses into ToS Mythic. After guild split I joined up with <UnknownError> and cleared ToS but left shortly after due to some RL problems. Got booted from the raiding team as I was away, joined <Equity> when I came back and played with them until 7/11 Antorus where I just decided to take a longer break... Came back 1½ month before BFA release, got "Cutting Edge" Argus Mythic from the guild <Equity> I was randomly on one night and they asked if I could come DPS and I said sure, got myself "Titanslayer" title and finished the long term goal of getting ALL Cutting Edge achivements for Legion. Even tho this was MegaBoosted!

My goals stays the same for BFA. I wanna progress all tiers and clear all raids with "Cutting Edge" progress. Currently raiding in <Exilium> on Kazzak ... Got promised a lot of empty promises joining these guys and it feels like it's getting more and more toxic by the day. We are currently 2/8 Mythic Uldir with 30% on Zek'voz.

What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of):
Honestly a very anticipated player and have no problems taking roles as kiter, soaker or whatever. I'm very used to the task so np! I'm very observant and analytic. I learn fast!
Where are your areas where you can improve?: Sometimes I take risks that pays off I could get better on that. Not jump in last second with debuff etc.. Stuff like that..
Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:Naa I take constructive criticism good, I'm been within sales for 10 years so no worrys.
Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?: Long standing guild with a solid core and players who's been around for a long time. Like minded players who are online a lot and do content and play together as a team. Friendship and a long standing home to settle in. You seem like a organized cool gang with a nice raiding atmosphere and that gives me a good feeling so I thought it would be worth a shot!
Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:
Link logs here plx: logs are from first week, can do way better now but the guild is private logging. The logs are just randomly up since someone forgot it was private logging hehe. I saved some SS from the time in Tomb of Sargeras. Goroth Mythic : Sisters Mythic : Harjatan Mythic : Desolate Host Mythic :
Other information that you want to share? : Not really just hope you give me a chance in the spotlight to prove my worth! A loyal and anticipated player with over 13 years of WoW experience both raiding and PvP who I think will fit in well in your team! Thank you for taking time and reading my application.

Many regards / Kelldhar
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Logs are updated I kinda forced em to let us public log for motivation. Anyways, just wanted to update! :)

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Someone will be in touch.
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