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== Personal info ==
Name : Clive
Age : 28
Location : Cambridge, UK
Nudes :
== Character Info ==
Class/Role/Spec : Mage / rdps / can play all specs but frost for most, arc fro fetis and zul and Fire for G'huun
Your armory link :

== Questions ==
Previous guilds?:
Sacrifice - Silvermoon : Raided from SoO till 10/14 hc (14/14 mythic after patch) then raid leader in highmaul, but the raid team was not strong enough to enjoy myself, until 8/10hc BrF
Obscure - The Sha'tar : raided BrF until 9/10 mythic then the GM (main tank) and boyfriend (main tank) disbanded guild and everyone bailed out then joined PC - EU
Perfect Circle EU- Kazzak : 13/13 mythiic ~300 world. GM and raid leader is going to focus on studies in Legion and i'm looking for a new guild as i dont like the new dynamics since GM left
Feb 16 - October 17. Sublime - Silvermoon. Disbanded due to Rl stepping down reduced officer team size and burn out on KJ. 5 weeks extending can do that.
went to It's Complicated - Ravencrest - WR 89 on Argus ( would have been 50 - 60 if not for the Patch 7.3.1 Malware patch which fucked the argus fight., Its comp then moved to twisting nether for BFA. got 4/8M but roster changes like main tank away for 3 weeks of release of BFA and a new healer team every week eroded officer team motivation and it collapsed.
Spent the past two resets with Competence Optional - Twisting Nether, Zul and Mythrax down, looking to move on, trial didnt go that well, with hands up a couple poor perforrmances ( pet passive on taloc kill haha, hate to see it happen), attaking wrong add on fetid as groups pattern was different to old guild, that and I didnt mesh well with the guild.
Notable kills:
Every mythic boss since BRF in WoD.
@Perfect Circle EU - Kazzak
+ M: Archimonde Nov 17, 2015 20:26 WR 293

@Sublime - Silvermoon
+ M: Kil'jaeden Nov 6, 2017 WR 472
+ M: Gul'dan Apr 26, 2017 WR 251
+ M: Helya Jan 12, 2017 Wr 256
+ M: Xavius Oct 20, 2016 WR 210

@Its Complicated - Ravencrest / Twisting Nether
+ M: Argus the Unmaker Jan 28, 2018 WR 89
+ M: Aggramar Jan 3, 2018 20:18 WR 83
+ M: Vectis Sep 18, 2018 WR 152

@ Competence Optional - Twisting Nether
+ M: Mythrax the Unraveler Oct 8, 2018 WR 160
What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of): yes, all of the above listed, usually soaking e.g. KJ, or spellstealing and killing off priority adds e.g. Gul'dan orbs, i always get these jobs, do them well and enjoy doing them, if for some reason i am prevented ( unexpected death/another mechanic preventing it) i will call for back up and not let raid die.
I look at logs for damage taken,damage done/replays for the raid & myself to see what i think could be improved.

Where are your areas where you can improve?:
I can try to be flashy and not respect some dealdy abilites as much as possilbe, e.g. fetid breath, i have died thinking im just to the side rather than resperct it and give ait and extra ~5 yards.

Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:
if constructive and not malicious for the sake of it, no and will dish back :)

Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:
you mention • A home - we're on discord 24/7 and don't just play WoW together. which is what im looking for. Imperium also has consistency, with average ~100 wr over past 4 raid tiers rather than a one hit wonder guild.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:

Link logs here plx:

Logs are currently hidden for recent kills but heres an album of rankings

Other information that you want to share? :

i stream (100 followers going professional soon Kappa) and would stream raids with permission and play other games with friends like pubg, cs-go, LoL at times, random stream games anything thats fun and enjoyable outside of wow.

i always bring motivation, happyness and kindess to raids, never snap at people for making mistakes and brush own mistakes off whilst learning from them.

will help out guildies get late +10s in the week and happy toi help out with anything beneficial to the guild , keep up with ptr and uipcoming raids and changes.

i keep up momentum with positive attitude and remain vocal no matter how many hours/days in to a boss we are. i play well and will be a positive raid member to have in the roster.

i bring a different joke to start each raid

not sure what else to add sorry but would happily do a follow up interview on discord
I, Garrosh, Son of Grom, will show you what it means to be called Hellscream!
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Oh and forgot to add, i have apped before, Me and Fen were chatting at the end of ToS about recruiting for Antorus but you had too many Vanq users. So now im a 'free agent you guys were top of my list :)
I, Garrosh, Son of Grom, will show you what it means to be called Hellscream!
Posted Oct 14, 18 · OP