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== Personal info ==

Name : RJ Aggarwal
Age : 25
Location : Berkshire, England
Nudes : Leaked during the iCloud fiasco

== Character Info ==

Class/Role/Spec : Monk/MeleeDPS/Windwalker
Your armory link :

== Questions ==

Previous guilds?:

Aptitude - 2015 - 2016:

Mythic Archimonde (Cutting Edge)

I joined Aptitude after a long hiatus from WoW and it was my first foray into Mythic Raiding; fortunately they had been leeching off my Teamspeak server for a long time so they owed me one.

I truly loved raiding with Aptitude and fulfilling the role of an officer; however, my work / life status in December (when I made the move) did not suit the raid schedule of the guild at the time and I found it increasingly difficult to cope with my officer duties, working two jobs and studying for post-graduate studies. Coincidentally, I was given an opportunity to join a friends guild (which I ended up taking) on Ravencrest with people whom I had went to school with and frequently saw outside of WoW, at the small cost of two realm / faction transfers. The new guild had similar progress / ranking to us with better raid days and times, later in the day suited my work schedule back then; although, having finished my "trials" the benefits are no longer as present. In hindsight the move didn't particularly work out from a 'social' perspective as a number of my IRL friends ended up becoming burned out with Legion and have quit for the rest of the expansion.

Deathsworn Verdict - 2016 - 2017:

Mythic Xavius (Cutting Edge)
Mythic Helya (Cutting Edge)
Mythic Gul'dan (Cutting Edge)

The aforementioned 'friend guild'. With the mass-exodus of my IRL friends, my main reason for moving to a more "chill" environment, I no longer felt the same desire to stick with Alliance (given that 80% of my friends list are horde players) and having had my fill of "social mythic raiding" I wanted to make my move onto something more hardcore, with better progress.

I stuck it out with Deathsworn Verdict as I was a key member of the roster at the time (being the mechanics-slave / soaker as a rogue and didn't make my move from the guild until we managed to kill Gul'dan, fortunately we got it on the last week of raiding. Prior to the kill I had been offered an opportunity in a guild called Severance, back on my "home server" Kazzak (an couple of old Aptitude members joined and referred me to the guild), who were around rank 420~ at the time of my application, having killed Gul'dan a number of times.

Severance - 2017 - April 2018:

Mythic Kil'Jaeden (Cutting Edge)
Mythic Argus (Cutting Edge)

Severance. I joined Severance with the desire to make my move into more hardcore raiding in WoW (on a three-day schedule of course, man's gotta have some free time) on the premise that I'd have to reroll to suit their roster. It started as a Retribution paladin as theirs had recently been poached by ol' Slootbag, with a brief fling as a Feral druid, but eventually ended up being my Rogue once more information on the later fights had come-about, and the usefulness of immunities once again making themselves known. We made our way through Tomb at a reasonable pace (relative to our ranking) and managed to kill Fallen Avatar at a pretty decent pace; however, the guild hit a huge slump on Kil'jaeden and pretty much was on the precipice of disbanding (of the core, high-skilled members at least). The crutch of the drama was due to some key members being at odds with the current leadership / officer team at the time and drama with a female member of the team (and depending on who you speak to, her manipulation of one of the officers); however, that was something I kept out of - juvenile and not my problem.

We had to reform / re-build a number of raiders during KJ progression and immediately following the kill we pretty much halted farming to rebuild the 20 man roster - I stuck with the guild as the drama didn't have much to do with me, and overall, I don't really get my kicks from participating in a juvenile issue. However, it sowed the seeds of discord in the guild with the remaining members.

Antorus progressed relatively consistently and I eventually swapped back to my original main character, my Windwalker, we already had a number of rogues so the class diversity was beneficial; the performance of the class was also conveniently timed. Our ranking somewhat fell in Antorus; however, considering the extent of the re-build (healer team suffering the most), and a reasonable break over Christmas we finished in the 600's. Unfortunately, the same issues started to arise with regards to the atmosphere of raid nights and it seemed likely that key members are likely to be quitting the game following our Argus kill.

Ecology - April 2018 - Oct 2018

Mythic Uldir - Mother, Vectis, Zek'voz

I joined Ecology as a Windwalker / Warrior / Rogue to take a step up into the higher tiers of raiding, hoping to achieve the Famed / Hall of Fame ranking; with my trial being accepted back in July I was eager to prove myself in Uldir and clear Cutting Edge content at a more rapid pace.

Unfortunately, after our Vectis kill back in September I found myself on the Bench for Fetid, Zul, Mythrax, and Ghuun. This is due to Windwalker's not being desirable in the limited Melee we "required" (apparently) and I wasn't given an opportunity on my warrior or rogue neither. With only one raid since then used for re-clearing (extended lockout 2 times after Zul went down) I had been waiting for progress to finish so that I could get back into raiding; only to find myself kicked before the reset ended, just over a day after Mythic G'huun went down.

Tl;dr Brewmaster Officer wanted to go back to being a Windwalker Monk, unlucky for the Windwalker "main" who didn't get his achivs.


What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dying, anything you can think of):

I used to raid lead during my more "casual raiding experience" and still do to help my friends in their more casual raiding guilds so I'm well versed in coordinating / micromanaging groups. As such I'm experienced in doing the "bitch" (read: loss of DPS) jobs, in recent times this could be seen as soloing orbs on G'huun Heroic (we also tried it on Mythic when I came off the bench for 2 hours until the tactic was scrapped, post "nerf"), swapping to a ranged character to kite the orb on KJ back in ToS, being on paralyse duty to CC mobs (albeit this is riskier with a monk now due to the CD nerf).

I haven't checked logs recently but one thing I was consistently proud of was being low on the damage taken mark, whether this was using feint on my rogue to minimise aoe damage taken or just generally avoiding damage. It's a bit tough in current times when Touch of Karma is 12-15% of a Windwalkers damage on a "good" fight though.

Where are your areas where you can improve?:

Being more pro-active to utilise my offspecs in raiding. I almost exclusively heal in M+ on my monk and would be open to exploring different roles if the opportunity allowed.

Fully remembering to make use of the double healing potion + healthstone combo (my binds only had space for one so I've been rewriting years of muscle memory).

As a hybrid spec I also try to heal where damage downtime occurs, e.g. intermission on Vectis, to support the healer team; however, I feel there are still situations I could do better. Monk's heal is kind of crap and is a huge energy cost otherwise, so I'll try to only use it on myself in standard situations.

Not waffling in a WoW guild application.

Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:

I'll even write a call-out post on the forums.

Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:

You raid within my ideal weekly amount (2-4), have good progress (Ecology was my attempt at reaching for the top 100 bracket but anything within top 200 shows good progress speed and clear times), no requirements for alts (although I habitually keep alts to help if need be), have long standing history (11 years on wp?), are looking for a windwalker monk, made the correct decision of swapping from Alliance to Horde, and probably have the most unique wowprogress page I've seen in awhile.

It's not every day you see a certain bear in ASCII these days.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:

Link logs here plx:

Most of Ecology's logs were private and I only had some of the heroic raids + Mother logged myself (my combat log got to about 5gb and the uploader can't read it anymore, even when splitting it). I've included Antorus as my Uldir was inhibited due to the bench so hopefully it serves as an indication of my performance.

Antorus - (there's a better Argus log but it's won't update on the page as it was previously private, happy to share link if need be, it forever taints my page with a blue...).

Uldir -

Other information that you want to share? :

I see myself as a relatively laid-back person, tilt-proof (hardened by my silver to diamond climb in LoL many years ago), and please be warned; I have a pun-based sense of humour and my guild-mates are always victim, the last few didn't heed my warning (I even made it clear in the application!).

Outside of WoW I work in the Architecture and Construction industry, mostly freelance these days, and I am a regular participant in D&D sessions with some friends. I go to LANs a couple of times a year and enjoy reading webcomics, novels, light novels, manga, and watching Baseball, Cricket, and Anime.

Finally, thank you for considering my application and for taking the time to read this.
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fen a
Hey RJ - Thanks for the effort you've put into the app and apologies for the lack of a speedy response. We've got quite a few open applications and will be giving this some consideration over the next day or two.
Posted Oct 31, 18
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Hey Fen, thanks for getting back to me, no worries with the delays; appreciate the time it takes to screen candidates - been there before.

Let me know if you've got any other questions, my btag is ArrJay#2183 or discord is ArrJay#5230 (I remember your WP noting preference to discord over anything). As a heads up I have an equally prep'd warrior and rogue (admittedly slightly less on rogue) - forgot to mention it on the app, in-case there's a preference for other classes.

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Esm a
currently not looking to take another melee dps in.
Posted Nov 7, 18