Alphamaleman - Havoc Demon Hunter Application

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== Personal info ==

Name : Jarno
Age : 22
Location : Netherlands
Nudes :

== Character Info ==

Class/Role/Spec : Demon Hunter/Melee DPS/Havoc
Your armory link :

== Questions ==

Previous guilds?:

What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of):
Doing whatever it is that's within my power to ensure a kill. This means during progress and before. I actively look for resources to find any information that can result with the boss dying in a quicker amount of pulls. I was the raidleader and GM for my previous progress environment so naturally I am hungry to find out little niches like skippable timings, abusable mechanics(that won't get anyone banned) and any small things that makes progress less time consuming and tedious. To elaborate a bit on this point, I am constantly researching information through methods such as looking at killvids that display exactly what a team does, their assignments, their composition, their positioning, how they deal with certain mechanics, you name it. Combined with using the obvious available sources such as warcraftlogs, talking to friends from other raiding environments that are fairly prestigious, watching twitch streams of NA guilds the day before it hits live on EU. There's a few more things I could put here however I don't want to take up too much of your time explaining that I partake in the basic research a raider should do before they show up to a progress night. I do my best to be informed about each mechanic that plays a key role in the encounter, that goes for any role as well I don't just look up: "Hey what could fuck me as a Melee DPS specifically". No, I try to think about all the roles as a whole to analyze the dance of how an encounter will likely play out. Apart from researching everything about the fight itself I also do my best to ensure I am playing an optimal setup both gearwise and talentwise for my own class and spec. I constantly look through class discords to see and analyze what other players are discussing about the spec I play. I analyze logs from the more well-known players of the spec I attend raids as-as well, seeing how they manage their cds, do they think it's worth whether to hold it in X encounter at this timing et cetera. When talking about more skilled DH players I think of people like Avade, Ohkim, Kibs, Zealeo, list goes on.
To answer what I am good in during a progress environment, I will do whatever job it is you can think of that could be considered "shitty. I will sacrifice any form of personal number pumping if it results in a beneficial gain for the team as a whole.Any raider would be lying if they said that going for 99 parses isn't something they care about, I do so as well because it's a fun aspect of the game. However in a Mythic environment your top priority is not fun, it is you and your team accomplishing a common goal and how you can pull your weight to ensure that goal is reached. This obviously doesn't mean I won't do my best to push out numbers, the two aren't mutually exclusive. You can make the best out of a shit situation, just because your log ends up blue or green doesn't mean you played like shit.
I feel like outside of talking about damage/padding that I have the basics that a raider should have. When I talk about basics I mean things you could or should partake in during the encounter without having to be told so, such as interrupting or being part of a kick rotation, mechanical awareness, foresight in your CD timings/alignments, raid awareness example:could I commanding shout here to prolong my raider's lifespan on Mythic G'huun's final phase as an example but within raid awareness I also include things such as being aware of your timers and planning ahead and lastly being able to follow assignments without issue or having to be babysat through it. You won't need to tell me to go do my orb ferry now, I'll already be up there.
Where are your areas where you can improve?:
I feel like sometimes I get too caught up into taking in all the information I personally feel that I need to take in. It became a habit as a raidleader, however your own performance can suffer due to constantly tracking things that you as an individual player potentially can't do very much with. Example: I won't neccesarily die because I checked my ERT mid-pull to see if ironbark was up in X situation and it would've saved our tank from dying but it does mean I might misplay a gcd in my dps rotation which is obviously not the end of the world, but if the tank himself does not do anything with that information then I am wasting my personal focus for naught. And outside of getting sidetracked from having a personal need to take in a lot of information, I can always do something better. You don't or very rarely play perfect throughout a pull unless you have a fuckton of luck with not having any mechanics being assigned to you and just being able to "patchwerk" most of the fight due to that.
Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:
No, I generally don't take criticism personally. I have a pretty objective view toward raiding and my performance. If you think I fucked up somewhere without me being aware, then tell me what I fucked up so I can fix it. I don't care if you call me a cunt in the process. I am here to perform to the best of my ability, not to be a PC snowflake.
The one thing I do feel like is unproductive is if you shit-talk in a personal or collective chat(group) when you are aware of a piece of information that you could be pointing out to help someone improve their play or help the raid out during progress, I've met quite a few raiders who'd rather type in a whisper to their friend about how johnny is a fuckup than to address johnny himself about what it is he's fucking up and potentially how to fix it.
Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:
Judging from the wowprogress you seem to be likeminded players. You can enjoy bants, you want to push yourselves and you aren't stepped on your toes if someone addresses your shortcomings which ultimately leads to a team with a strong objective view towards an end goal. I wish to participate in an environment that's focused on one thing, progress.
Not to say I don't enjoy chilling with fellow raiders on Discord to play other games to blow off steam or just to chit-chat, I definitely do but my first and foremost interest is raiding.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI: (exactly the same as DH except that my WA's display DH icons)

Link logs here plx: DH's Logs
I played DH for the majority of prog and we have had next to no reclears, especially not ones where I could go for shiny looking logs. Warrior's Logs.
Please ignore the green parses on my warrior, the only logs I have on those bosses are from a pug with my boy Joshpriest from Method. Where he decided to invite 9 fucking melee, interesting experience no doubt.

Other information that you want to share? :
If you feel like I left out a vital part of information I will gladly answer your question(s) through text or through voice.
-I have 4 characters at 120 I'd gladly play, however my hunter and priest are only 375~.
-I have experience in both raidleading and multiclassing/roling throughout the time I've raided, I played affli lock during some of NH, rerolled to Rsham during the end of NH and played it till Antoran high command in Antorus, then rerolled from Rshaman to tank (BDK,BrM,Guardian all around same ilvl and performance). I can provide logs for most of these characters/roles(some were either privatised or removed entirely).The reason I've swapped roles/classes so much is because it's what was optimal for my raidteam and like aforementioned I will do whatever I can to help out the team.
-I disbanded my guild due to continued lack of input from raiders, in turn making me and my officers' jobs a whole lot harder combined with a change of my personal life's situation which made me unable to invest that much time into rebuilding the roster after what was a tough G'huun burnout. I feel like the world rank(WR 395) that we got for the boss doesn't accurately display my individual skill and I wish to prove that in Imperium.

-Thank you for reading my application, whatever the outcome may be I wish you the best of luck in progression in the future.
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Esm a
Hey there. We will proabably get you in on the next raid (Wednesday) you dont need to transfer. Any mega preference on what you want to come on? DH or Warr, i assume ur more comofortable on dh as of now?
Posted Dec 1, 18