Dru Vol.2 ( Hunter now, Dilig)

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== Personal info ==
Name : Tin
Age : 23
Location : Zagreb, Croatia
Nudes : Still only traps can sustain me
== Character Info ==
Atm marksmanship hunter but I swap around a lot for m+ between BM and survival depending on how I feel, fresh new main since BFA
Class/Role/Spec : Hunter, ranged dps, marksmanship
Your armory link :
== Questions ==
Previous guilds?:
Wotlk - cleared Ulduar , joined a guild called Karma-cleared some ICC HC with them, not full before nerf , some of guild members went horde, guild fell apart

Cataclysm - went horde, Outland, raided in a guild called Conquerors , cleared firelands/ds HC , guild swapped servers and factions, I just stayed horde, went afk till MoP

MoP - Had to take a break due to studies and IRL stuff, came back for SoO, joined a guild called OMFG Kittens, cleared SoO hc to if I remember siegecrafter, guild fell apart and I decided to afk till WoD

WoD - Cleared HM, BRF mythic then for HFC mythic I joined ThoF here on Nagrand. After archimonde, core group of melee dps that I liked left the guild and the guild wasnt raiding for a while so I decided to leave and join a better guild, chose RR Inc where I am now

Legion -EN 7/7m realm first , ToV 3/3m , NH 10/10m , ToS only did 6 bosses on mythic, then had to quit due to an IRL situation, came back 3 months later as a feral druid, new main, used to main a DK and now recently cleared 11/11m in antorus

BFA - 7/7m Uldir, 7/9m BoD ( guild cleared Stormwall as well , I've had some attempts )
What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of):
I don't mind doing anything if its for the benefit of the guild, preperation is my strong suite , interrupting , kiting, baiting, masturbating, all of what you named above idm doing
Where are your areas where you can improve?:
I suppose since I'm relatively new to ranged dps I could use a lot of less dead time, its not like it was with my feral druid and DK, I used to always think a lot before I cast something etc.. but now its just becoming muscle memory , I need to learn better positioning..better logs
Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:
No, nothings changed since my previous app, I'm still a bantery boi
Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:
Always loved Imperium when I used to raid here, always wanted to be a part of it and now I hope I can
Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:
Sidenote, LFR queue was really really really long so I just took one at dummies.
Link logs here plx:
Other information that you want to share? :
Yes, my previous app had to be whitdrawn because of my IRL situation would cause me to AFK a lot until BFA launch and some what after it launched. I decided to stay in RR because it could slide, being afk a certain amount of time, missing raids etc. I Just didn't want my first impression on this guild to be afking as a trial or when the new expansion launches. Now I'm all available all the time and RR inc has become such a poopy atmosphere guild and everything just went downhill , my IRL things got a lot cleaner and predictable so I thought I'd give Imperium a go again :)
And also, my battlenet is Smicheh#2362 and my discord tag is Rift#5882 if you have any questions you might need an answer and decide to ask there instead of app :d
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fen a
How'd you like Jadefire masters?
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Lmao I was slightly , ever so slightly hoping you wouldn't ask me about Jadefire. Multisided strike hates me, I do like 2-3 then flop dead in 0.2 seconds like a mong :c
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