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== Personal info ==
Name : Matas
Age : 22
Location : London, England
Nudes :
I'm fat dude, you don't want them, trust.
== Character Info ==
Class/Role/Spec : Hunter, Rdps, MM/BM
Your armory link :
== Questions ==
Previous guilds?:
XIS - Kilrogg: Joined at the beginning of legion, got vouched in despite not touching WoD because I made a ‘name’ for myself in Spiritus Sancti previously (Cata MoP era) stayed until eventual disband at the end of Nighthold

Epilogue – Sylvanas: Joined midway through Tomb of Sargeras progression, stayed until KJ died, at which point the guild disbanded because the officers were too busy to continue running the guild.

Unlucky I guess – Ragnaros

I finished Tomb of Sargeras at world rank 421. After my guild disbanded, I took a rather extended break from mythic raiding due to a lot of real life stuff piling on me at once, including finishing off university and moving back in to my parents’ house while I found a full time job. Once I settled down at my own apartment and was ready to make a return to mythic raiding, it became apparent that guilds playing at a similar level that I was at before my break really don’t give much of a damn about what you accomplished in the past if you do not have immediate experience in the tier that they are playing, which is completely fair enough, that is the nature of the game. In order to actually play mythic again, I had to drop my own standards considerably and that’s how I ended up in this guild. I genuinely do not mean to sound like a dickhead, but I have higher aspirations than what they can offer me in terms of world ranking and pace of progression. As I now have current tier experience and a relevant character thanks to them, I’m looking to move on. Not really in love with the situation I’m in, but I’m making a choice to chase personal goals over staying in a guild that seems to be more excited by the MDI toy than the mythic boss they’re stood in front of.


What are you good at during progress? (preparation, doing "shit" jobs like kiting, interrupting duty, not dieing, anything you can think of):

Bitch jobs are no problem. You want a ruby carrier on opulence? I’m your boy. You want something soaked? I’m your boy. You want immediate and full focus on a target switch that gets called out? I’m your boy.
Another strength of mine is generally staying focused for an entire raid night. My quality of play doesn’t drop 3 hours in, I’m always learning, taking in information and doing the best I can until the raid is over.

Where are your areas where you can improve?:

During my time with UIG, one issue that’s come up a few times is immediate and concise communication, this is generally because it takes time to put a voice to a character name when you join a new guild, and they certainly don’t make it easy when you have one shaman named Frankhy, another shaman named Fankhy, both of which get called on by completely different names on discord it kinda leaves me sitting there like “who the fuck is who? Who is talking???”

This is generally fixed with time. It may not even be an issue at all in Imperium.

Will you QQ if someone is mean to you?:

If Emarinus bullies me to tears, I just won’t use push to talk anymore. You guys will never know.
(serious note; no. The easiest way to regain focus after a mistake is to get called out on it, I welcome this.)

Why Imperium, what makes us an interesting guild for you?:

There are several factors. The first of which is that the Skillrogg/Fagrand/Runescrotum server cluster has been home to me for around 12 years now. All my stuff is here. My gold, my alts, the few friends that haven’t yet quit the game, and so on. If I can do anything in order to avoid having to migrate somewhere else, I’ll do that. Imperium is the only horde side guild left that is raiding at a competitive level, so here I am.

Secondly, having attended a few of your Sunday heroic runs, I got somewhat of a minor insight on how things generally operate on a raid night and it was enjoyable. People are punctual, people can take a joke, but they can also get serious of things start get messy, even in those heroics. I liked my time playing with you lot and I would like to do it more. Also, having stalked Esinar’s stream a bit, the level of composure from everyone despite the fatigue on Jaina is something I find commendable and an environment that I want to be a part of.

Finally, the raid hours are perfect for someone working full time and I’d have absolutely no issues maintaining perfect attendance here.

Please provide us with a screenshot (upload it to of your UI:
Keybinds Visible:

Link logs here plx:

Other information that you want to share? :

First and foremost, I want to share my DK Logs from ToS:

They’re pretty ugly at first glance, but since I have the opportunity here to comment on them, I feel as though they are a decent-ish representation of my general mindset as a player.

When the objective of a fight is purely to do as much damage as you can, I can clearly do good damage. However, if a fight presents itself where mindless whoring can potentially be a detriment to the raid as a whole (such as Mistress or Desolate Host) I won’t do it. If I had to describe myself in one word the word that I would pick is sensible. Yeah getting orange logs is cool, and a big motivator to play the game in the first place, but what’s even cooler than that is getting through a raid night in an efficient manner putting bullshit to the side and I have no issue doing it.

Maiden… To this day I’m like 98% convinced that I died to a bug on this boss. Though the likely thing is that I made a mistake. Only killed it once as I’d sit to give others opportunity for loot here.

Avatar I also only killed once, the guild killed it twice in total but I missed the kill despite being there for most of progress. The justification for the grey log is that I was basically murdered by a panicking raid leader who told me to kill myself with a dark mark relatively early on in the fight. When a situation like this arises I generally follow the RL’s call regardless of whether or not I agree with it (there are obviously exceptions in egregious cases, I have my own brain and eyes). My thought process with situations of this nature is that if the RL makes a call and it happens to be the wrong one, it’s their responsibility to own up to it, however if you go against the call and fuck something up yourself, you look like the dickhead in front of everyone. Avoid looking like the dickhead.

Finally, KJ. You asked about bitch jobs earlier, well, I played 320 or so pulls of this boss in third tank soak bitch spectator mode. It was fucking mind numbing, but I did it for the boys. I’m the king of whatever bitch job my class is capable of doing, no matter how long it takes.

Next, some alt logs from BFA \o/
Outlaw Rogue:
Frost DK:
BM Hunter:

Affliction Warlock:
Frost Mage:

Mage is a semi new addition, working on it.

I am not linking these because I expect you to be absolutely god damn MIND BLOWN by my capability of joining a pug and pressing a sequence of buttons in vaguely the correct order. The reason I’m linking them is because I’m aware that Imperium is currently heavily saturated on Hunters and Warlocks ( Main + Main Alt) at the moment, and I wanted to show that I’m capable of playing and maintaining a variety of specs. Personally, for the reasons I listed in the “what makes imperium interesting” section, I care a lot more about getting a trial here than the class that I play doing it, because I’m fully confident that I’ll perform regardless. You want me on a Rogue or a Mage, then you’ll get a really solid rogue or mage out of me if you think the application is of sufficient quality to warrant that conversation.

It isn’t a simple case of “oh these guys don’t need my classes, guess I’ll go look somewhere else then.” I really just don’t want to leave the server cluster if I can help it, and I am fully confident that I will be a strong addition to the team.

Thanks for taking the time to read my life story.

Reach out on at Roflstorm#2321 or Discord at Dreemie#4647 hopefully with good news, or to tell me to fuck off. o/
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We happen to have a hunter already who refuses to use his raid frames, where are yours? you should make a screenshot in a raid situation. Also esinar's stream is fking poverty nd you should watch Emarinus.
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In raid UI

Hope you dont mind too much that its from LFR, gets the point across anyway
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fen a

Accepted. Ping me on discord so I can permission you up etc.
Posted Apr 7, 19